“I am the shortest distance between who you are NOW and who you can BECOME”

Thank you for sparing me one minute of your time. You are about to Upgrade and I truly mean it.

My name is Osagie Alex (C.P.W). A Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Personal Development Expert with a specialty in Upgrade Mastery.

What I do basically is help you LIVE your dream so you don’t LEAVE your dream. I am the shortest distance between who you are NOW and who you can BECOME. I help you leave good behind to Upgrade.

Below are 3 special and unique services I can offer you;

1- Coaching/Counseling/Consulting services (

30days coaching – $1000

7 days coaching – $500

1 day consulting – $100

UPGRADE MASTERY online session – $150 or live session – $150

Upgrade Mastery audio training – $55

2- Poetry/Spoken word Services
For my spoken word podcasts, click the link (

3- Freelance Writing Services
To get my ebooks, pay to TWCC Resources 2021249019 First Bank

There 10 ebooks available and each cost $17

– Dare2Believe

– Untitled

– Life Lessons

– Ladies Let’s Talk

– R4HL Story edition (1 & 2)

– I am surrounded by idiots

– The Adventures of SAM

– Shade

– Belief System

– Diane Secrets

– How to save your way into poverty

– Upgrade

My services are not for everybody, they are directed to the one who is serious about making a difference and desires UPGRADE. One thing I can guarantee you among other things is that your reaching out to me is one of the wisest decision you would have made this year.

There are TERMS attached to working with me
T- time
E- energy
R- resources
M- mindset
S- service

Each day, your future gets closer.

What will yours look like?

Will it be a future defined by discoveries, growth, upgrade, possibilities, opportunities, successes?

Will you realize your full potential?

How will you make your mark on your world?

The truth is, it’s up to YOU.

There is no wrong or late time in believing in yourself.

This is your MOMENT.
And the future you decide to create begins NOW.

I welcome you to your future TODAY.

are you ready to grind? let’s talk on WhatsApp +2348036666845 or mail

…time to leave good behind, UPGRADE.

The journey you don’t begin never starts.

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