Hello there, do you know the greatest secrets and most effective keys are kept in books? Most, if not all of life’s success tips are in books, a book is a treasure, a pathway to better living in a specific aspect. And guess what? I am a writer.

What do I write? I pen greatness down, I scribe lifelines out of distress and you my friend have come to my open vault of revelations via ink on paper.

Below are a number of books by me which you can always be sure that they are nothing short of blessings.

There are currently 9 eBooks available and each cost N5,997

1. Dare2Believe

Description: This is simply profound yet profoundly simple as it ignites the fire to chase your dream as you dare to believe. Within the pages of this ebook is what you have always longed for to discover that impossible is nothing. Are you willing to ‘’dare2believe?’’ because if anyone truly believes in the dream not even reality can stand in the way. I dare you to dare2believe.

2. Untitled

Description: A great read that gives you insight into the world of guys as it relates to sex, relationship, and trust. It is an eye-opener into the little things that can become stumbling blocks if not taken care of. Not everything can be truly labeled and given a title hence ‘’Untitled’’, connecting without bond.

3. Life Lessons

Description: The lessons life teaches only a few truly learn. In this easy read, you will get to understand some of the life lessons that you are expected to know that guarantees your next level of upgrade. You will discover how some before you learned what has changed their lives and it can change your life too. Ready to discover life lessons? Open the pages and learn what change your stage.

4. Ladies Let’s Talk

Description: Ladies talk and when they do talk it has nothing to do with gossip. In this ebook, you will find out how to know if he is a striker or a keeper, how to make him your puppet with no disrespect, beauty with relevance and much more. It is one book you pick up and you will never drop it until you are done with reading. Ladies let’s talk is a must read for every lady.

5. R4HL Story edition (1 & 2)

Description: A collection of stories with moral lessons that will inspire you every day. It is a recipe 4 healthy living that you must endeavor to have in your possession. We all learned through stories and those stories hold values that are evergreen with us till this day. R4HL story edition is a must read for daily inspiration and challenge to leave your comfort zone.

6.  I am surrounded by idiots

Description: 10 things idiots won’t tell you. Just like the title sometimes life reminds me, I am surrounded by idiots. This is an awe-inspiring read that is a combination of truth and fun in the most unique combination. Find out within the pages if you are an idiot or you are surrounded by idiots. What you don’t know kills, don’t ignore what you don’t know.

7. The Adventures Of Sam


9. Belief Systems

10. Diane Secrets

11.  How To Save Your Way Into Poverty

12. Upgrade

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