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Upgrade Update

Upgrade is coming for different folks in defined pattern that strikes the interest of individual real accurately, this is more like upgrade got an upgrade,

BS Session “Before and After”

Nothing stays the same. Things either upgrade or downgrade. Before and After, the “and” is a timeline you determine what change. #DeepThinking  Most people believe that

“Are you ready to take RISK?” starts now #DevelopYou

1) Diane, living life without taking risks is in itself risky. This is not a cliche it’s the fact. You can’t continue to live normal

BS Session “When things don’t go as planned”

When things don’t go as planned, you simply replan. Energy spent brooding over loss is another wasted energy. Like Chess, reset the pieces and play

BS Session “Moments”

Life happens in moments. Experiences are stored in moments. #DeepThinking  The human brain and mind works in a very simple yet strange way. It has the

“Multitasking” starts now

1) Diane, I know you are good at doing many things at the same time and the English word for that is multitasking. But are

BS Session “The Environment”

There are mistakes you wished you never made, but they happened in an environment. Who you become will be influenced by the environment (spiritually, physically,

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