BS Session “When things don’t go as planned”

BS Session “When things don’t go as planned”

When things don’t go as planned, you simply replan. Energy spent brooding over loss is another wasted energy. Like Chess, reset the pieces and play again. #DeepThinking 

Many times dealing with a setback or seemingly disappointing situation really determines what happens next for you. You may chose to redefine the meaning of the situation and make it empowering rather than disempowering for you. It is okay to feel sad about something but use the energy and emotion to get mad at chasing your dreams to become reality.

When things don’t work out, you work it out not walk out. You have the capacity to rewrite the stars from your scars. Sure we can’t deny the pain it brings but hurting nurses still treat people. What things don’t go as planned I rather see it as a new twist in your life’s story plot. Sometimes things need to go South for you to truly find your true North. 

You can experience a disappointment that can be turned into a reappointment if you just don’t give up and start a pity party. So it didn’t go as planned, so what? Your life’s meaning isn’t tied to a plan that went awry so don’t be weary. Even when no one may encourage you, encourage yourself and don’t be weary for in due season you will reap if you faint not. Just like you dream again, nothing stops you from planning again. It didn’t work now, is no sign it just will never work. Stop giving village people too much credit they don’t deserve, just plan again with more ruthless execution.

Three things to do when things don’t go as planned 
1) Don’t dwell on it- that’s how you make a mountain out of mole hill
2) Pick up the pieces – broken pieces make great masterpieces
3) Plan again – put all the energy into the next plan with ruthless execution 

Close doors never open because you keep staring and wishing they do. Circumstances “NO” is just an opportunity for a “NEXT”. #DeepThinking 

Sometimes it’s takes a plan gone wrong for you to actually make a right plan. What is left can actually be what is right. #R4HL

Plans may not go as planned, it’s just a plan gone wrong not a life gone wrong. A plan doesn’t define a life, a life is a collection of plans. @wisdomcounselin 

When plans don’t work out, you work it out and not walk out. You lose the right to replan only if you are dead. As long as you are alive, you can always give dead plan a life. – Osagie Alex 

On the upgrade side of life, when things don’t go as planned, we plan again and see how things go. 

Sometimes plans go wrong before the arrive right.

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