BS Session “Before and After”

BS Session “Before and After”

Nothing stays the same. Things either upgrade or downgrade. Before and After, the “and” is a timeline you determine what change. #DeepThinking 

Most people believe that what will be will be but special thanks to makeup artistry that has shown us that people can transform their looks for the right price and excellent makeup skills (@officialsontaire_reigns). But what is even more striking is how most people just allow time to determine what become of them after. How can you live like that? Things left on their own don’t get better with time they literally get worse take a clue from weeds.
Yes, I know your upbringing, environment, significant emotional experiences may have played a major role in your before nevertheless it all leaves you with a choice on what becomes after. Five years ago I wasn’t as refined as I am today, I was broken, hurt, even suicidal, but that was before. I chose what will become of me in my after and fast forward today I am being regarded as Mr Upgrade. How did I do it, from before and after. That I will share with you today and if you put it to use, you can also rewrite your story.

Life doesn’t always happen that everything goes as planned, hence there will never be a reason for us to have those moments, seasons, phases, levels and dimensions that sums up our after. The reason most people remain stuck in their before is because they have a self limiting and self sabotaging mindset that nothing great awaits them. Take this from me, what is ahead is a always greater and more so don’t lose your head. Your after is always the upgrade from the before when you know how to make things happen. You can change your life, are you ready?

Three things that can transform your before and after to a phenomenal life:
1) Decision – decision is the ultimate power. Until you make a decision you will keep living in indecision 
2) Desire – what you don’t desire you can never acquire. The law of attraction says our desires raises our level of energy and frequency to acquire our desires
3) Discipline – anything is humanly possible with the right discipline. Discipline is the foundation on which focus, vision, purpose, consistency, commitment, all rest. 

Before and after isn’t a comparison between then and now, but a reflection of how far you have come. Never let your before be better than your after. #DeepThinking 

Whatever is good can upgrade. Before and after is always tied to decision, desire, discipline. #R4HL

Nothing stays the same. You are either making progress or retrogress. Letting your before better than your after is a slap on the face of your human potential. @wisdomcounselin 

I am the shortest distance between your before and after. – Osagie Alex 

On the upgrade side of life, we recommend you join us in our 30 day accountability program that begins from April 1 because you must live by design, which determine your before and after.

Life is designed that nothing stays the same. But you can determine your life’s design before and after.

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