“Are you ready to take RISK?” starts now #DevelopYou

“Are you ready to take RISK?” starts now #DevelopYou

1) Diane, living life without taking risks is in itself risky. This is not a cliche it’s the fact. You can’t continue to live normal and experience the exceptional. It just doesn’t work that way. #DevelopYou

2) I know you like to take things easy and not get involved with pushing boundaries but the benefits of taking risks will enrich your life and make it much more rewarding. If you ever want to live your dreams you must be willing to take risks. #DevelopYou

3) Diane, taking risks opens you to new challenges and opportunities. Nothing great ever comes from the seat of comfort. You take risks daily but you just haven’t started to take calculated risks especially as it regards your personal development. #DevelopYou

4) what you don’t realize Diane is that taking risks will challenge your thinking, establish new boundaries, improve your outlook on life, ability to achieve on high levels and break the limiting beliefs in your mind. You gain so much when you start to take risks. #DevelopYou 

5) Diane, the more you keep contemplating the easier it is to live life procrastinating. How can you deliberately keep avoiding the things and people that are sent to improve the quality of your life. That’s self sabotaging act you have engaged in. #DevelopYou

6) If you want the light, be ready to handle the heat. You can’t have bright light and not have hot heat. There are some benefits that will never be experienced until you start to take risks. Diane, you must start to take risks in order to achieve your greatness. #DevelopYou

7) You never know the outcome when you don’t take risks. Besides when you start taking risks you are free from average living and thinking. Risks build your self confidence and self respect, empowering you to feel stronger and more confidence in taking on new endeavors. #DevelopYou

8) Diane, sometimes you just have to have blind trust and take risks. Trust your instincts because nothing is really guaranteed. You will never know what you can accomplish until you do something that you have never done. Risks leads you to your biggest rewards. #DevelopYou

9) we risk everything, every day of our lives without knowing it. Everything that you decide to do has a margin of risk. The biggest risk is not taking one. Risks are almost always necessary ingredients in the recipe that is happiness. #DevelopYou

10) Diane I know you do not like rejection but sometimes rejection is just a redirection. If someone rejects you don’t reject yourself instead take more risks on yourself. Failing is both the worst and best thing that can happen to you. #DevelopYou

11) When you don’t fail, you succeed. When you do fail, you succeed at figuring out another way of not doing it. If you don’t risk failing, then you can’t succeed. Success requires risking failure. #DevelopYou

12) when you truly begin your upgrade mastery journey you will have to risk so many things. You will risk making mistakes, losing friends, not being good enough, putting yourself out there and being judged, launching too early, opening up and being vulnerable. #DevelopYou 

13) Diane, there are many ways to change your life for the better and one easy way is to start taking risks. Risk is the very thing that can make you feel alive. The fear you get when taking risks is the sign that you are leaving your comfort zone behind. #DevelopYou

14) It is easy to get stuck in your routine that provides comfort and safety. But Diane you need to ask yourself before you take a risk “what is the worst that can happen?”. Sincerely you never know until you take the risk. #DevelopYou 

15) By taking risks, you give yourself permission to try things out, to learn, to fail, to grow and explore. You get to test your limits and go beyond what you believed was possible. When you take risks you can go after the things in life you really want. #DevelopYou 

16) Diane, when you take risks, you do so with awareness after balancing your logic and intuition, to decide what is best for you. By taking action to your own inner compass in this way, you build a level of trust in yourself. #DevelopYou

17) life will be monotonous and boring without risks. Not taking risks means you fail by default. Risks make life exciting and colorful. #DevelopYou

18) Although your heart many be racing, your palms may be sweating, think about what will happen if you didn’t take the chance by taking risk. You only have one life, why not stretch yourself to new heights! #DevelopYou

19) You don’t need to jump head first into a tonne of risks, but you can practice the art of taking one small risk each day. Whatever your comfort threshold is, start testing it out each and every day. Get uncomfortable with being comfortable. #DevelopYou

20) Real growth begins when you learn to start taking risks. Life is a collection of risks, you live risky when you don’t start taking risks. You have greatness in you, start taking risk to unlock your greatness. Your friend, Sir Alex #DevelopYou 

21) Should you need help in learning how to start taking risks then don’t hesitate to send a DM now or mail coachalex@twccresources.com.ng #DevelopYou

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