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BS Session “The Environment”

There are mistakes you wished you never made, but they happened in an environment. Who you become will be influenced by the environment (spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, psychologically). #DeepThinking 

Over the years as a master practitioner of NLP, I have been able to fully comprehend the role of the environment as it relates to upbringing, significant emotional experiences and choice. Whether you chose to accept it or not the environment has a strong hold and influence. I have seen people live their full potential and people who didn’t even scratch the surface of their full potential because of the environment. The environment is both mental and physical. As I tell my clients in our upgrade mastery sessions until you are mentally ready you will never be physically prepared. Even God told Abram to leave his environment to where he will be shown (Gen 12). Certain things just can’t happen in certain environment, just like apple can’t grow in Nigeria. 

Visualize and imagine, you were born and raised in the United States of America, will some of the ideologies you currently believe today be the ideologies you will have believed? Now see how we have become products of the environment. The environment championed by society gives a default programming making most people not live by design but by default. The environment ensures people become conformist. We are all expected to act, believe, behave, react, live, all in a conformity. Haven’t you wondered why the ancient text says “do not be conformed but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. 

The environment is like an incubator, it offers you the opportunity to develop into your innermost desire. It brings around you your deepest cravings and fulfills your wildest imaginations and dreams. Whatever you strongly desire is possible in the environment. I have seen people lose virtue because of the environment and also see people gain vice because of the environment. Like the internet, the environment is amoral. 

Three things the environment ensures happens:
1) Conformity – social conformity, mental conformity, emotional conformity, spiritual conformity etc
2) Influence – in every human, there is the king and the fool within, the environment determines which gets expressed more
3) Belief system and mindset – the environment is a default program you must uninstall if ever you want to live a life by design

There are many things you can do in the environment and many things you can’t do outside the environment. The environment is amoral what we do and become determine our morals. #DeepThinking 

The environment offers both the pollution and the solution, it’s your choice which you become a part of. As a pollution you will be solved, as a solution you become the solver. #R4HL

The environment is the mold. Everything takes the shape of the mold. @wisdomcounselin 

There are two ways to live the dream and not leave the dream, become the environment where dreams flourish and create the environment for dreamers to flourish. – Osagie Alex 

On the upgrade side of life, we create the environment for consistent upgrade effect everywhere we go.

The environment is first mental before physical.

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