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BS Session “Moments”

Life happens in moments. Experiences are stored in moments. #DeepThinking 

The human brain and mind works in a very simple yet strange way. It has the capacity to keep you stuck or liberate you after an incident occur in a moment. For most people it was a moment in time that changed their lives forever. The interesting thing about moment is that you sometimes don’t even recognize it but your brain does and stores it up somewhere that is only activated when triggered.

A deeper look at moments can reveal where some people gave up completely because of what happened to them in the past. Now let’s make this real and practical, can you recall a moment in time when you were really happy? The mind never forgets, Now close your eyes and let your mind take you to that very moment, see what you saw, feel what you felt, hear what you heard, now open your eyes. Notice how your present disposition currently change now because of what happened in a moment. That’s how powerful moments are. 

Now this also happens in the negative and there most people are held down to never try again because in that moment in time they conceded to fate. I have seen people who are currently living below who they can be simply because of a moment in time they chose not to get over, that’s why we tell people to upgrade. In life there are four key influencers that aid the kind of moments we have, they are upbringing, environment, significant emotional experiences and choice. You can upgrade your moments, and experience your best life possible.

Three simple things happens in a moment:
1) It changes your perspective.
2) It gives you meaning.
3) it is stored and preserved for further references, positive or negative.

In a moment, everything changes. It is not change that takes time but the decision to change in a moment that takes time. #DeepThinking 

The best and worst moments in life are captured in the heart and mind. #R4HL

Moments are the best things in life, not things. @wisdomcounselin 

Enjoy every moment, life is lived in moments. The best moments you will live out you seldom take pictures of them because they are imprinted in your soul. – Osagie Alex 

On the upgrade side of life, we treasure moments because they don’t repeat themselves. The upgrade effect is in moments.

You don’t get the same moment twice in life. Cease your moment before it becomes a memory in history.

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