BS Session “Before you break up read this”

BS Session “Before you break up read this”

We are quick to call it quit and severe ties with people but we seem to forget that we all have different model of the world. Your perception of another is a reflection of you. #DeepThinking 

Sometimes I strongly believe we haven’t exhausted all the possible options and alternatives before we finally call it quits. I am a stickler for not enduring pain that can be completely avoided yet I believe we should seek to understand before we can be understood. Recently I have learned that making decisions in the heat of the moment is something we always end up regretting. So if you are reading this right now I want you to just breathe. You know one thing that changes when your mood is altered is your breathing. So just breathe.
Yeah before you break up read this, how did you eventually get here? Did you ignore all the warning signs, accept to be dumb and blind, go against logical reasoning and now you want out. Well, surely getting out is an opportunity to begin again but what are the chances the new beginning will be different with the same old you. In this equation of life E + R = O, you play a key role on the R side of the equation. Your response or reaction determines the outcome. 

So what’s the plan to fix you, can you in all brutal honesty say you were also not a part of the problem? Yes you may have seen the faults in others but have you also dealt with yours? Our human nature has its frailties. I strongly believe that many things we cut off and break away from can be fixed but sometimes we let pride get in the way. Someone once told me “two friends are online and pride is also online”, so can tell what happens next. 

Three things to consider before you break up read this:
1.) Is your current action the best possible act after considering all the alternative.
2.) Have you fixed you, because most times your perception of others is a reflection of you.
3.) Can you just be open enough to accommodate other people’s model of the world. 

People hurt people because they don’t know any other way. If they know better they will do better. Break up isn’t the best solution for what can be fixed. #DeepThinking 
If at all you breakup must be activated can it be that you have given it your all and best already. Some don’t even try anymore because they can just break up. #R4HL

Never quit if you still have it in you to try. Great things takes time, what happens fast never last. @wisdomcounselin 

I can help you through a breakup but it did be great if you reached me before the breakup. Preventive is always better than palliative. – Osagie Alex 

On the upgrade side of life, we breakup to makeup stronger and better. Because we believe people change.

If after you read this and you still want to breakup, then go ahead. But just breathe.

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