“Encounter” starts now.

“Encounter” starts now.

1) Diane, there are some things that cannot be taught within the four walls of class but are pillars of education that must be caught. #Strength4Weakend

2) There was woman with a phenomenal track record. Known by all yet loved by none. She understood her environment so she cultivated a mindset. #Strength4Weakend

3) She was good with timing so you will lose a bet if you think you did find her in the company of other women. Like a plaque people avoided her and she evaded them. #Strength4Weakend

4) There was a cool dude who came through town. He was in the company of his team. The team had barely left when this woman came around. This cool dude was alone with this woman. #Strength4Weakend

5) This cool dude had a kind of interest for the woman. His communication skill so refined that they were deep into a conversation that will change the woman’s life forever. He began by asking her “give me”. #Strength4Weakend

6) The woman who had decade of experience handling men didn’t know how this cool dude did it. Questions she had always longed for answers to, this cool dude without the internet downloaded all her answers for her. She was awestruck. #Strength4Weakend

7) He told her basic truth that were simply profound yet profoundly simple. Her paradigm shifted and a new world view and perspective had formed in her. Her self esteem restored like a newborn fearless and audacious. #Strength4Weakend

8) She excused herself from this cool dude and went to her neighborhood to tell everyone about this cool dude she just met who told her everything about herself and have changed her paradigm forever. #Strength4Weakend

9) The people who knew her before were stunned by her new attitude as she was now talking to everyone who cared to listen about what happened to her and who made it happen. She brought her whole neighborhood to meet this cool dude. Indeed it was an encounter. #Strength4Weakend
10) Diane, I believe you get the point of the story about the woman and this cool dude. Life is about encounters. Things can change for the best or for the worse after an encounter. It can happen in a minute and it will mean it. #Strength4Weakend

11) Have you ever wondered why some people take it upon themselves to spread the word of others like they were paid to. It is because of the encounter they had. They just can’t keep silent but talk about it deliberately and intentionally. #Strength4Weakend

12) Encounter is an experience. All through history anyone who have had an encounter never remained the same. The story always changes and they become PR specialist telling everyone about the encounter. #Strength4Weakend

13) Diane, I know you want people to tell others about what you do so more people know about what you do and even patronize you. The question you should answer is what encounter do you create and give? #Strength4Weakend

14) How deep or shallow you are will be evident in your conversation. A shallow person cannot have deep connection in a conversation just as you can’t find gold on the floor. Depth lays the foundation for encounter to occur and depth can be built. #Strength4Weakend
15) You have to decide what you want people to experience when they have an encounter with you. It is never left to chance, you have to be deliberate, intentional, consistent and excellent about it. True encounter gives you free publicity. #Strength4Weakend

16) Encounter will reveal two basic things about any person: who they are and what they offer. You can’t afford to be found wanting in those two areas. If you lack competence there you can build capacity and competency. #Strength4Weakend

17) Don’t feel bad when people aren’t inclined to tell others about you, they just haven’t had the encounter with you. Work hard on you that should they met you again you will have become like that cool dude. #Strength4Weakend

18) Encounters are iconic, easy to remember yet difficult to forget. You can achieve iconic status when people have encounter with you. You need not be on the desktop for you to be an icon just create an encounter that’s all. #Strength4Weakend

19) Show people who they can become and watch them experience the upgrade effect right before your eyes. Change happens in an instant after an encounter. Diane, you can create encounter for others that will change their lives forever. #Strength4Weakend

20) The true effect of an encounter is not only what happens when they are with you but what happens after they have left you. You won’t count if you don’t create the encounter. Your friend, Sir Alex #Strength4Weakend

21) Should you need any assistance don’t hesitate to send a DM now or mail coachalex@twccresources.com.ng #Strength4Weakend

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