BS Session “Keep it Professional”

BS Session “Keep it Professional”

There are no permanent friends, neither are there permanent enemies, just permanent interests and in all you do, keep it professional. #DeepThinking

Most recently I was almost emotional about something and after thinking on it for a while I realized that it was best to keep it professional. Most people will in time come to terms with it but you have to know and understand that people are not their behavior and at best keep it professional with everyone. You can’t let the fact they don’t understand stop you from doing what you must do. In your bid to keep it professional you will realise that anything or anyone not in line with your goals is a huge distraction.

A friend once asked how do you sell greatness to a mind that thinks smallness? I pondered long and hard on that question and at last figured that you can when you keep it professional. Keeping it professional ensures you just do what you must do without sentiments or emotions. Many times most people allow emotions or sentiments control or influence their decisions or judgements, there is nothing more amateur than that.

Why do people find it hard to keep it professional, they just haven’t learned how to keep it professional. They still get moved by people not liking them, not supporting them, not being their ride or die, forgetting that when you keep it professional the only focus you must have is achieving your goals and targets everything else is a not welcomed distraction. When you keep it professional, those who left as friends will return as fans and you will we welcome them with open arms.

Three reasons why you must keep it professional

1) Distraction is too expensive a price to pay for the cost of your goals

2) To guard your mental, emotional and physical space. Create healthy boundaries and know when to show people the exit door.

3) You teach people how they treat you. People will always relate to you as you have taught them to.

Quid pro quo is to keep it professional. #DeepThinking

Even friendship stifles, withers and dies when you keep it amateur but thrives when you keep it professional. #R4HL

Keep it professional so when it is time to leave you have no sentimental attachment whatsoever. Life is fair, people are not. @wisdomcounselin

The enemy of your enemy is still your enemy, so keep it professional. You hurt you when you don’t keep it professional. – Osagie Alex

On the upgrade side of life, the only permanent thing of interest is the upgrade mastery journey.

Quid pro quo always keep things pro.

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