Please, let’s have sex.

Please, let’s have sex.

BS Session “Please have SEX”

If having SEX is wrong then you should not be right. SEX is key, it unlocks who you become. #DeepThinking

What a word connotes in your mind isn’t just about the word but your perception and reality. Science have proven that when we say don’t think of something that’s when the mind takes thinks of it more. For instance don’t think of sex, you get the picture no questions asked. But what if SEX is was more than just an intercourse and you truly entering your course?

Most people will do anything to get emotionally connected with someone they love yet find it hard to strike that emotional connection between their dreams and goals. SEX will play a vital role in who you become. So please have SEX. Get under the covers and work hard at it, spend longer time till you become who you must be. Ride hard your dreams to its full potentials, don’t stop till you know there is nothing left.

Most people have SEX but the wrong kind everyday. Now this is the right kind of SEX:

S- sacrifice
E- excellence
X- xceptional

What if this was the kind of SEX that you have for your dreams and goals, can you literally picture who you become.

Why is SEX a key that unlocks what you become?

1) Sacrifice: those who can delay immediate gratification will enjoy ultimate satisfaction. Sacrifice is what makes you satisfied

2) Excellence: everyone loves excellence and no one discriminates against it. Excellence is the true standard.

3) Xceptional: like the purple cow, xceptional is always remarkable and unique.

Now the mind works in a funny way, if you don’t renew and reprogram it, it can change your perception. Complete the following

B_ _ _ S

P _ N _ S

S _ X

_ _ N D O M

K _ _ S

Now you see how you THINK. It was never about the words but how you think. #DeepThinking

There are no correct or incorrect answers just that your answer reveals how you think about a thing. #R4HL

Unleash the superhero in you when you are willing to Sacrifice, be Excellent and Xceptional. Please have SEX. @wisdomcounselin

Humans have the propensity for SEX because it a key to unlock who they can become. – Osagie Alex

On the upgrade side of life, SEX is part of the upgrade journey experience that gives the upgrade effect.

Please have SEX.

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