Strength4Weakend (1)

Strength4Weakend (1)

0) “how do you think about money” starts now #Strength4Weakend

1) Sam, I know it is said “money answers all things”, some even say it makes the world go round. But Sam, money isn’t everything. #Strength4Weakend

2) there is more to money than you are currently thinking. It will amaze you that the way you think about money determines if you will have money or not. #Strength4Weakend

3) Money is a spirit and I am not trying to be spiritual about it, it is a spirit. She can be a good servant and also a bad master. Nothing reveals true intentions and character like money. #Strength4Weakend

4) How do you even think about money? You think of it as what will solve all your life’s problem? Or what will give you fulfilment and satisfaction? How do you think about money? #Strength4Weakend

5) do you know that how you think about a thing affects how you eventually see the thing. It will amaze you to know that poor people think more about money yet they are still broke as a joke. #Strength4Weakend

6) one weird truth people are yet to come to terms with is “You can’t think of lack and have abundance” it negates the truth of how a man thinks so he is. #Strength4Weakend

7) you were not taught in school about money, you were taught to get a job that pays well. It is worse that those who got jobs still have the wrong thinking about money. #Strength4Weakend

8) you can’t think wrong and it will turn out right. You can’t be thinking like a pauper and expect to live like an Arabian prince. Even water in garri still finds its level, this you know very well. #Strength4Weakend

9) money will determine many things in your life but money won’t give you life. How you think about money either attracts or repels it to you. #Strength4Weakend

10) the way you think about money is best noticed in the language you use when you talk about money. When people say they are broke, it is a mindset not just lack of money. #Strength4Weakend

11) “Your confession becomes your possession” is not a religious cliche but a fundamental exposure of a thinking process. Believing is seeing not the other way round. #Strength4Weakend

12) no man ever rose above his thinking. To Change your life, you must first change your thinking. What have you been thinking about money? Do you know thoughts become things? #Strength4Weakend

13) if your mind can’t conceive prosperity and abundance, your life can’t achieve it. Observe how you feel when you talk about money in trillions of dollars, that will tell you the bus stop you are at now. #Strength4Weakend

14) You are still struggling with N100 recharge card, how will you now behave when someone gifts you N10,000 worth of credit. Little things can alter your thinking if your thinking is not rock solid. #Strength4Weakend

15) Stop thinking of money in term
of savings what about giving? The thought of becoming a channel must be there before the flow commences. It all starts with how you think about money. #Strength4Weakend

16) Money has and never will be evil. It is those whose thinking are skewed that uses money to perpetuate evil. Money on its own is not evil and never will be. #Strength4Weakend

17) the saying “there is nothing good or evil, thinking makes it so”, holds true for money too. If you think of it as evil, it will attract evil to you. What you think about money will manifest literally. #Strength4Weakend

18) To truly change your financial state you must first have a paradigm shift in your thinking. What you think about money can either be your ceiling or your floor. #Strength4Weakend

19) Admitting you don’t know something is how learning begins. People who know everything, learn nothing. Time to change how you think about money Sam. #Strength4Weakend

20) Information plus education equals knowledge. Knowledge is the new money. Your friend, Sir Alex. #Strength4Weakend

21) should you need help to realign how you think about money, don’t hesitate to send a DM now or mail #Strength4Weakend

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