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BS Session : As one Man

BS Session “as one man”

Before you get a team start building your dream. There is so much you can do as one man. So train for mindset and skill, you can do great as one man. #DeepThinking

Most people are yet to fully comprehend what they can do as an individual. That’s why they many times crave and seek people’s opinion before they make major decisions in the lives. It is good to seek counsel but the greatest counsel is your personal conviction from within. Your intuition and gut feelings are hardly ever wrong.

Studying the ancient text I came across where Gideon was told “as one man” he will defeat the enemy of his nation yet Gideon still wanted men. Now pause and think, let that sink in, Gideon was told what he can do as one man, yet he needed men. Can you see how many times we trust the conventional even when we are suppose to do the unconventional? What have you limited yourself from doing simply because you were needing people? There is a place for people in your life but there is a place for you and only you must handle it.

Until you completely believe in you, you will not fully emerge. You will feel you are not enough that you need people to make you feel enough. People do matter but you matter most. People follow you before they follow your dream or vision. Just like Gideon stop looking at your past or background, they don’t count until you start to count them. As one man you are possible.

Three reasons you must focus on developing you as one man

1) the greatness you seek is already within you. You may not look like it but it is in you so pick and peak.

2) vision is given to one man, but lived out through people. You can’t be trusted with vision when you can’t see. Sight is more than just eyes.
3) God doesn’t use an army, He uses a man. A man builds an army, God builds a man. Become the available man that can be used.

History is replete with breakthrough, inventions and achievements of people who understood who they were as one man. You are next history being written, as one man. #R4HL

Man is both gender male and female. As one man, you will do great things. #R4HL

Committee does not necessarily translate to commitment. Don’t delegate what you must authenticate and do as one man. #DeepThinking

You can alter your history when you live out your true potential as one man. Within you lies greatness, it doesn’t come out till you bring it out. @wisdomcounselin

As one man, your limitation or full expression is entirely up to you. But one thing is certain, the world awaits you when you discover what you can do as one man. – Osagie Alex

On the upgrade side of life, we are making exploits as one man.

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