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BS Session “MDA”

Morning isn’t always when dawn breaks or when you wake up from your night slumber, but morning is when you wake up to the realization of who you are and what you can become.
For Some their morning is early; while for others, theirs is late, but one good thing is that they all wake up. Life will make no sense till your morning comes. Even the ancient text says joy comes in the morning.
What waking up to your “Morning” does for you is to help you realize your MDA. No one ever becomes who they can be without their MDA. Here was how Paul discovered his. You see Paul was a son of a billionaire, he had the best things life had to offer till one morning he left home with half the wealth of his father. Soon he lavished all he had and became broke and broken. On one hot sunny day, Paul woke up to his morning. It dawned on him his MDA and his life never remained the same again.
MDA is the game changer for anyone who wants to change the game.

M- Meaning
D- Decision
A- Action 

Until you ascribe MEANING you will never rise to the occasion to make a DECISION that leads to ACTION which changes everything. #R4HL

Paul realized (MEANING) that even the drivers back home in his father’s house were better off than him. He decided (DECISION) to go back home to his father to possibly become a servant. He arose (ACTION) and went back home. The tale of Paul is told like a fairy tale.
MDA like your DNA is personal and unique to every individual. #R4HL
MEANING will always lead to DECISION and decision will drive ACTION.#DeepThinking
Clarity, Opportunity, Change, all that can happen when your MDA is in place. @wisdomcounselin
If your life isn’t going in the direction you want, then navigate your course with your MDA compass. If You need help, am a DM away.

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