3 reasons you MUST not miss Upgrade Mastery November edition

1) Learn to be at CAUSE and help others to be at cause.

2) It is an opportunity for you to RESKILL and UPSKILL

3) Practical simple ways to increase your VALUE and EARNING power.

leave good behind, UPGRADE.

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12 skill sets you must master to become a millionaire.

1) Persuasion / Negotiation.

2) Reading people /Rapport

3) Sharing the wealth / Investing

4) Leverage.

5) Recruiting.

6) Energy management

7) How to process issues /EQ, AQ, LQ

8) Time/ Self-management

9) How to manage money / Make, Save, Grow

10) How to be aggressively patient / ruthlessly execute.

11) Learning/unlearn, relearn, learn

12) Upgrade Mastery.


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