You will always determine how people treat you. #DeepThinking
Sam just realized he had become too available and was soon being taken for granted by his friends. At first he was OK with it until he couldn’t take it any more. It was time to shutdown the access he had allowed. Sam went off the radar. He was still online but appeared offline. He deliberately activated “submarine mode”.
People by default don’t value what they have unlimited access to. They somehow allow their brain to trick them into believing that easy access shows little value. Some people are generally indisciplined and so it is hard to discipline their brain to realize that one can easily lose access same way it was easily gained.

Why must you activate submarine mode sometimes

  1. it makes you unpredictable – the only thing that can be predicted about you is that you are unpredictable
  2.  it enables you to work behind the scenes, undetected, unnoticed and no one can see you coming
  3. it creates the aura of mystery. People for weird reasons love mystery, they adore that which they can’t fully explain.


Last night as I shared with my tweethearts about Sam and how he activated his BVEN (check out #DevelopYou @wisdomcounselin) I realized he activated “submarine mode”.
When you become too obvious it may make people lose focus. #R4HL
Sam activated submarine mode and when he resurfaced he looked like Moses did when he had just descended from the mount. His friends who had taken him for granted now esteemed him greatly.
Sometimes you may have to stay away to find your way. #DeepThinking
Don’t put on your status “submarine mode” activated. Those who talk never do, those who do hardly talk. You know yourself. #R4HL
At any point you notice you have become predictable, you lose the ability to be indispensable. @wisdomcounselin

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True. Point taken!
…but I won’t put it up here that I gotta activate submarine mode! #Those who talk never do. ?