REFLO The ability to finish what you have started. #DeepThinking
Life will always offer you reasons to QUIT. But you have got to make a decision to finish what you started. There are no rewards for those who quit.
Many a times people really don’t even know when they quit. They think it is only when they give up that’s when they quit but they are wrong. Quitting is not an event, it is a process that leads to nothing.
Sam has always been a chronic procrastinator, he can even procrastinate his birthday. What Sam did not realize was that “how you do one thing is how you do everything”. So in every other area of his life Sam had reasons to procrastinate. He kept on this way and soon he realized he was quitting before he quit. What if Sam had a reflo?
Contrary to what your current belief is, nothing left on its own eventually gets better. Truth is, it gets worse. Remember what you started in January? How far have you gone? That coaching program you said you will take, have you registered? That ebook you said you will publish and have written few chapters, is it completed and up for sale online yet? Remember that relationship you said you will end, yet you put it on life support. Quitting isn’t when you eventually stop, they are the little things that happen along the way that that you don’t notice so that when you eventually stop you will realize you actually stopped long ago.
How do you get a REFLO?
  1.  Punish yourself for procrastination: for every time you procrastinate gift someone a token of five hundred naira (N500)/ Two dollars($2)
  2.  Get an accountability partner to hold you accountable. Never assume or believe you’ve got it together, you will end up making excuses for yourself because your brain is wired to encourage you to make excuses for your shortcomings.
  3. Reward yourself for finishing: have celebrations and rewards for completing a task no matter how little. It becomes a point of reference to complete the next task.


Sam still hasn’t realized he has quit yet because he is quitting every moment he doesn’t do what he ought to do. He needs a REFLO.
Cross your finish line and begin the next challenge, the race of life only ends in death. Get your REFLO and enjoy the flow. #R4HL
Stop quitting before you quit. I used to think there is no award or reward for the one who quits but I realize life abhors vacuum so there is; REGRET.
To Finish is not the end but the completion of a task. #DeepThinking
Get REFLO now and stop quitting. @wisdomcounselin

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